A Complete Curriculum On How to Work With Freelancers.

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Complete Freelancer Solution

“The lessons were easy to read, and the videos made everything very clear. The homework assignments were simple. I was able to add a lot to my business plan with just a few hours of work. Today, I feel a lot more compatible with my boss. Anyone who is looking to overcome a language barrier and learn how employers think - this freelancer course is for you.”

Ira, Designer

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“I enrolled in this course to help connect with exceptional workers overseas. One of the biggest takeaways for me was learning that my employees and I had a very different definition of a “working relationship.” I recommend this course to anyone who wants to get on the same page as their employees, and start building better business relationships around the world. The accompanying freelancer course will become a powerful piece of your employee management arsenal.”

Ron, Rhombi Sales LTD.

Communication Gap Solved

“I work in a very competitive field where employers have no patience for communication issues. I’ve read freelancer courses before, but they didn’t mention the culture shock you have to deal with working internationally; my English is fine, but I still felt misunderstood. I needed a guide for working in the West, and this course showed me exactly what my employer was looking for.”

Mohamed, Web Developer