Learning is Earning: 3 Steps to Find the Right Freelancer Course

In this blog, we’ll offer some suggestions for things to look for in a quality freelancer course, and give you access to the Rapid Business Lessons Freelancer Certification Course for free.

Too often, the idea of being a lifelong learner gets lost in the professional world. For many people, the learning stops once the first month’s training wraps up. By month two, you’re on autopilot: show up, punch in, do your job, and clock out. Likewise, some freelancers stop learning once they’ve earned their degree, finished their first course, or found a niche market to mine.

Now, there’s nothing wrong resting on your laurels if you’re perfectly happy with the money you’re making. But if you’re not, taking a freelancer course can be an excellent way to further your education, build your bottom line, and cut your bidding time.

Navigating a Flood of Freelancer Courses

The internet has given freelancers access to more learning resources than ever, but it’s also made deciding on one exponentially harder. A quick Googling of the phrase “freelancer course” yields an overwhelming number of hits:

There's no shortage of freelancer courses out there. Where do you even begin?

There’s no shortage of freelancer courses out there. Where do you even begin?

Here’s three steps you can use to wade through these 9,030,000 results to find the right freelancer course for you:

  • First, set your intentions. Are you a freelancer looking for a highly-technical course on web design, or more of a general business guide to help you fit into foreign markets, find the best collaborative tools, and market yourself effectively? Your answer will greatly affect your search, and will cut down the number of courses you have to consider considerably.
  • Next, vet the creator’s credentials ruthlessly. Is the person taking an instructive role speaking from a place of theory or experience? Are they successful freelancers themselves, or perhaps employers offering their experience on what they’re looking for in new hires? If your research on the course creator makes you question their authority on the matter in any way, make like a Millennial and bounce onto a new page. There are plenty of options out there; don’t settle for an unqualified instructor.
  • Finally, see what fits into your budget. There is no point setting yourself back paying for an expensive freelancer course that provides no measurable return for years. Consider the ROI on a university degree: you get a valuable education that will expand your thinking and give you a comprehensive understanding of a specific subject, but you won’t be able to cash that degree in right away. It’s an expense; early in your career, you want to focus on profitability, and that means minimizing unnecessary expenses. The internet makes many powerful learning resources available to you for free, so you owe it to yourself to do your research and find free resources. Reddit, YouTube, freelancer forums, and even free online training courses exist for you to improve yourself at no cost.

Get Access to Rapid Business Lesson’s Freelancer Certification Course for Free

Rapid Business Lesson’s Freelancer Course is an immersive, multimedia freelancer course created by a reputable, experienced Canadian employer. The course can be completed in a matter of hours, and will equip you with both a functional business plan and a recognizable freelancer certification.

Course creator Lior Izik is currently offering readers access to this course for free. You only need to register with your email address (or a burner if you’re savvy!), and you can watch videos, listen to lectures, and build your business plan through simple homework assignments without downloading a single sinister-sounding bit of software.

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