3 Real Ways a Freelancer Certification Can Help Your Career

There are tons of freelancer certifications out there, and picking one that meets your needs requires some planning. But are freelancer certifications even worth the time they take to earn?

In today’s Rapid Business Blog, we offer 3 reasons why it pays to complete a freelancer certification, and point our readers towards some of our favourite free resources.

Freelancer certifications enhance your resume in a meaningful, verifiable way.

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but it’s still worth mentioning. When you’re trying to stand out from the hungry freelance horde crowding your employer’s inbox with proposals, a freelancer certification can certainly help. Holding a quality certification allows a trusted company vouch for your skills and competencies, which can be the difference between securing the job or not. But it has to meet certain criteria to count in their eyes.

It’s almost a given that freelancers puff up their chests in proposals – and there’s nothing wrong with selling yourself – but some unscrupulous freelancers will lie outright, making most employers skeptical of resumes that glint with obscure awards and certifications.

If you’re going to wow employers with a resume and avoid triggering any job-costing red flags, you need to list verifiable information. Cluttering your resume with no-name certifications and awards risks making you seem desperate or untrustworthy, even if they’re perfectly legitimate.

So how do you enhance your resume in a verifiable way? Choose a reputable freelancer certification that can be verified. Many universities offer search tools that employers can use to verify degrees, and some online business training academies operate in the same way. Completing the Rapid Business Lessons Freelancer Certification adds your name to a certified member database that many employers use to verify claims and outsource their work. Bonus tip: Sites like LinkedIn offer a convenient way to track your employment history and showcase service reviews. If you’re looking to enhance your resume without a certification course, registering and establishing a presence there can help.

Some freelancer certification courses can help you network.

People often say that they make lasting friendships in college or university, and the same can be said of your online education. Enrolling in our freelancer certification course can open big doors for you professionally for collaboration, learning, or referrals.

Completing our certification course means adding your name to our freelancer database, which employers use to find qualified workers around the world. It’s a means of professional networking that gets you work without costing you effort or bidding time in the way sites like UpWork do.

Whether you’re debating taking our free Rapid Business Lessons Freelancer Certification, or just looking to beef up your Rolodex, take some time to join the conversation online and connect with our certified freelancers. Reach out to the #freelancenation with Twitter hashtags #rapidbusiness and #freelancer and see how our freelancer certification has helped their careers. You’ll be in touch with resources around the world with a broad range of skills. Follow us @RapidBizLessons or connect on G+.

Freelancer certification courses get you bigger paydays.

Premium resources are worthy of premium pricing, and learning is earning. Even an experienced, high-level professional can gain something valuable from a training course.

We usually recommend courses that will teach you the kind of broad-stroke business advice that many highly-technically skilled freelancers lack. Have you researched and experimented with the ideal payment programs, marketing channels, and business practices that top freelancers use and top employers demand? We have, and we’ve distilled our findings into a simple, effective course for rapid absorption.

Get Access to Rapid Business Lesson’s Freelancer Certification Course for Free

Rapid Business Lesson’s Freelancer Course is an immersive, multimedia freelancer course created by a reputable, experienced Canadian employer. The course can be completed in a matter of hours, and will equip you with both a functional business plan and a recognizable freelancer certification.

Course creator Lior Izik is currently offering readers access to this course for free. You only need to register with your email address (or a burner if you’re savvy!), and you can watch videos, listen to lectures, and build your business plan through simple homework assignments without downloading a single sinister-sounding bit of software. 

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